Who Is A Blogger: My Definition Of A Blogger

Aside the use of dictionaries, have you ever been inspired to give a definition to the blog users? If asked, who would you say a blogger is? Check out mine. My Definition Of A Blogger  A blogger is a person in the digital world,…

God Should Take The First Part

Though putting God first is a usual message, not everyone knows how important the point can be. If you ever need a good post, give God the first part; make Him number #1 ©️ josephedembassey  💐

Our God Is Bigger

God is bigger than our big problems.  Trust Him.  ©️ josephedembassey  💐

The Reason You Will Not Be Forgiven

Let me first of all thank God for my life, your life and that of the whole world, because when there's life, there is hope. "Father I thank you not just for life, but for everything."  My beloved family in Chri…

What Role Are You Playing As The Chosen?

To the glory of God, I want to use this great opportunity to say "thank you" to everyone who have supported me by engaging with the acknowledgements that I share as the Lord puts in my heart. Without you I won't be…

The Lord Is The Maker, Make Your Choice (Rich or Poor)

Sometime ago, I felt bad that I was born into the family I was in; that was when we experienced hardship. Then, when I looked at the beautiful cars and my mates who were driven in them, I was so regretful and questioned God on w…

Diligence: A Quality For Successful Minds

I will start by thanking God for life and wealth unseen. Father, you are glorious in holiness, fearful in praises, doing wonders and miracles beyond imaginations of men; thank you Lord.  Hello you reading this, I'm so exc…

I Cried, He Heard Me; He Is My Substitute

"When you are not well, don't fail to hail for help. For me, I will not look at the below because the below is beneath, I will look at the above; for no way comes my help but from the Lord."~Joseph Edem Bassey 💐 …

What God does by using a man

God doesn't use a man because he is perfect, God perfects a man by using him.  We were all imperfect, but perfected by the perfect work of Christ at the Cross. © josephedembassey  💐

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