About Us

    Main Mission

 "To acknowledge the world with the knowledge that will aid positive changes in lives and the society at large."

     About Us

 This site, Joseph Edem Bassey is a personal blog for the purpose of pursuing positivity. It was created with the main motive of achieving the vision of the orchestrating vessel; the PCA vision.

 The acronym PCA, represents Positive Change and Acknowledgment. It is the sole vision of the vessel, aimed at acknowledging the world in a way that will aid positive changes in lives and the world at large.
 The vision being conceived by Joseph Edem Bassey, was backed up with scriptural anchor from Habakkuk 2:14.

 The intent is clearly using God's word to acknowledge, inspire and aid transformation from the information applied to our daily lives.

     About The Vessel

 Joseph Edem Bassey is an author, blogger, songwriter and singer from Uruan L.G.A of Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria.

 He is well known by himself as the PCA Visionary and better known to others as Minister JEB.

 Joseph Edem Bassey describes himself as a philanthropist of positive change.

 As a gospel minister by God's grace, he got inspired by God's word with the vision of positivity in mind. He believe that:

 "knowledge is needful, if you must make it, you must know it.
 Also, with positive knowledge, success is a must for the applicant."

 He desires to work in the fear of the Lord, while driving through this vision with books, songs and inspirations alongside every support he gets.

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