Who Is A Blogger: My Definition Of A Blogger

Bloggers meet in the world of technology to transform lives.

 Aside the use of dictionaries, have you ever been inspired to give a definition to the blog users? If asked, who would you say a blogger is? Check out mine.

My Definition Of A Blogger

 A blogger is a person in the digital world, whose work is to transform the normal world into a well informed center from the digital platform.

 If what you share isn’t informative, then your target is shattered.

 Let us pull the trigger and try our best to put the right bullets in people’s brain: information is power.

Joseph Edem Bassey

I am Joseph Edem Bassey, an author of positive life changing and informing books; a writer, singer and minister of the Gospel. Living to inspire my world with my God given vision: the vision of Positive Change and Acknowledgment (PCA). Writing to change my world, positively, while I sing to lift souls to the glory of God.

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