Diligence: A Quality For Successful Minds

Be diligent in all your dealing with men.

  I will start by thanking God for life and wealth unseen. Father, you are glorious in holiness, fearful in praises, doing wonders and miracles beyond imaginations of men; thank you Lord.

 Hello you reading this, I'm so excited to write to you again. I pray we meet someday to share orally and inspire each other through God's word. I remain grateful. I wouldn't stop but to continue sharing what the Lord puts in my heart, and I would continue with my personal inspirations to myself.

"What you value must be worth your virtue; don't start a good thing without finishing it. Believe me, this is one problem in our world that we must address personally."~Joseph Edem Bassey 💐

 I was actually going through my Bible to get a knowledge for the day and prepare for a write, but I stubbled on a scripture and I believe the Lord wants me to write on it, as well as learn from it.

 As an author and a writer, I have big dreams, infact, I'm one of those multi talented people you should know about. I conceived a vision for life which I acronymed as PCA and I have been following up bit by bit, but honestly, I have many setbacks.

 Apart from that, I have been able to publish my books as a self publisher under the ignorance of many, but still something isn't right. I feel it from the inside, something is missing; something important, and it has made my life a misery.

 Let me tell you something, "God has given you what you need, if you lost it, you need to search for it. Until you find it, don't stop searching." Some people just sit and wait for the thing to come but it will never come; it's around but you must search to find. You need to understand that there are certain things in life that won't come to you, instead you have to go to them.

 Moving a bit from that, I was missing the urge, I mean the interest; that thing that says, "you have to keep doing it!" I found out I wasn't devoted to my writing career even as a student, I didn't go to learn about it. I knew it's God's gift, but it won't work if I don't work. It's been a case and while I was going through the scriptures, God spoke to me saying:

 "Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men." (Proverbs 22:29).

 Wow... I know He was speaking to me because I have the dreams that will expose me to kings and great people like you, and I see how my dreams will die if I don't put on my diligence. Actually, "Diligence Is A Quality For Successful Minds."

 If you have a dream, you must devote your time and available resources to make that dream come true. For me, I thought I have exhausted all my resources, but now I see that knowledge is a resource that is still intact. You may be wondering why? Let me tell you, "It's because I have the source (God)." So, you need to step out and start working your way out, if you really want to be walking to your destination with your dreams actualized.

 Take the quality of diligence and do your duties for the sake of your destiny, and don't forget to hold on to God for resources. Give thanks 😊.

 Knowing very well that the journey to destiny has many stages, the more steps you take, the closer you get; I know that the diligent will definitely take more steps than the rest.

©️ Joseph Edem Bassey

Joseph Edem Bassey

I am Joseph Edem Bassey, the founder of Empowered NG, a self-improvement and information platform. I believe that knowledge is power, and knowing is powerful. I blog and create content on different subjects from different niches, including business, technology, and faith-based topics. When I'm not working online, I'm working offline. Learn more here external-link

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