The Lord Is The Maker, Make Your Choice (Rich or Poor)

 Sometime ago, I felt bad that I was born into the family I was in; that was when we experienced hardship. Then, when I looked at the beautiful cars and my mates who were driven in them, I was so regretful and questioned God on why He put me where I was. Actually, it was so complicated that I wouldn't have attended to any acknowledgement to help change my thoughts on my life, but now I get to understand it better.

 Honestly, there's no sense in comparison because we aren't the same in everything and cannot be the same; that's the truth. All we should do is to thank God for who we are, if not; we will end up making a mess of our lives and God will repent of making us.

 Today, the Lord had put it in my heart to share a message that will basically encourage the discouraged, but I would love to say that:

 "Before you begin to say all you desire to say as a result of your condition, remember that someone else is passing through that condition without your knowledge. You didn't know because they didn't talk about it, but it must be told."


 Many people think everything must go smoothly and smoothly, but I'm sorry to tell you that even the road to heaven isn't smooth, to talk of your destination. If you want smooth always, then you may have to go to eternal sleep.

 I wasn't burn into a poor family, infact I counted myself as one of the luckiest but while we moved on, things dropped down. I was there, I can tell you that it took us all of a sudden; even as a little child, I was learning serious things about life. I can tell you that the best products often take the hard ways, if you aren't prepared for life, don't embark on it because you will meet situations that will break you down. Many started the journey but very few finished it, the question is "What of the rest?" They certainly didn't know what was coming.

 Life has a maker, life consist of the made. It has two ways to it: the right and the wrong, the good and the bad, the rich as the poor, and others. Where you fall is not your fault, but where you remain is your result.

 "The rich and poor meet together: the LORD is the maker of them all." (Proverbs 22:2).

 The Lord is the maker of both the rich and the poor, but He didn't make your choice, He made you to chose your way (rich or poor, good or bad and others), and He has everything stored for you to be rich because He wishes you the best, but you are left to choose the rest. Your choice determines the appearance of the your next chapter. What you become in your life is what you became in your mind; where you chose to allow it into your life.

 Many people complain and point hands at others, and blame God for their backgrounds, not knowing that their backgrounds cannot hold them behind if they deny it the chance. You have the power to make a choice and even the devil cannot change that, the problem is your doubts; that's what brings people's back, down to the ground.

 If you don't believe you can make it, you will never make it. The two (riches and poverty) are inside, but you must chose which one comes out and dominates in your life. It begins in your mind, that's where you fight the battles of the future. If you fail there, you fail here; that's why we need to build our minds with knowledge and knowing that these three (wisdom, understanding and knowledge) work together.

 Though the rich and poor meet together, what makes the difference is their mindsets; they don't think the same way, same goes to how they act. If your life is not looking favourable, change your thinking and your life will change. Think like the great that you are, don't demote yourself in your thoughts due to what you see because things really do change and change is a constant thing; it doesn't take man but God.

 "God made you, but the choice to be rich or poor is yours. Be careful, not all ways to wealth leads to heaven on Earth, most of them leads to hell after death." ~Joseph Edem Bassey 💐

 If you are rich, help the poor to be rich too. Everything is possible if you can believe God and follow His ways by living by His word. Never think that wealth is gotten sharply, true and sustainable is the wealth that is built. Think aright, o child of God.

 Remain blessed in the Lord our Maker. Peace be with you.

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Joseph Edem Bassey

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