Thanksgiving Day In America


Learn about the traditions of Thanksgiving day in America -- USA.

Thanksgiving Day In America (USA)!

 Are you a citizen of the American Continents, a visitor currently in America or a lover of the United States of America?

 There's something particularly common in the minds of Americans in the month of November. It is called, Thanksgiving Day In America.

 Thanksgiving is an occasion broadly known to the world. It is also a worldwide practice in appreciation of someone and/or for something.

 In this case, the gratitude is generally to God Almighty, fellow citizens plus supporters of the United States.

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What Is Thanksgiving Day In America?

 THANKSGIVING DAY IN AMERICA is a special day set aside by Americans in the United States to show gratitude for the country's achievements and celebrate each other.

 According to Office Holidays on USA Thanksgiving,

 "The American tradition of Thanksgiving dates back to 1621 when the pilgrims gave thanks for their first bountiful harvest in Plymouth Rock. The settlers had arrived in November 1620, founding the first permanent English settlement in the New England region." ~ OfficeHolidays.

 The Thanksgiving Day In America is a very special day for the Americans, a holiday for citizens to show a heart of gratitude.

When Is Thanksgiving Day In America?

 For a good notice, the Thanksgiving day in America is a day's event.

 Thanksgiving day in America as a holiday can be traced back to 1863, when the writer, Sarah Josepha's letter was finally accepted by American former president, Abraham Lincoln.

 It is usually observed on the fourth Thursday in November. In the year 2022, it's observed on the 25th of November, a difference of one month to the universal Christmas celebration.

What Do Citizens Do On Thanksgiving Day In America?

 When it's thanksgiving day in America, citizens are always excited and happy.

 Many Americans are likely to go out for site seeing, visitations of family members, friends and loved ones.

 Thanksgiving day aids a lot of people to update their wardrobes with new dresses in awe of the upcoming Christmas celebration. Haha.
Eating and drinking on Thanksgiving day in America.

 I won't exclude eating and drinking because it's a compulsory, complimentary for this special day.

What Should Americans Do On Thanksgiving Day

 If you are wondering why I'm writing about the Thanksgiving day in America, stop wondering. The reason is, I may be writing about a special event in your country very soon!

 Aside that, a beloved friend in the United States, said something interesting about this event and I was moved to talk about it!

 For all to be reminded, America is a great community of people who believe in God and our Lord Jesus Christ.

 In line with the visitations, feastings and merriments, the Thanksgiving day should be specially used among the Believers to give thanks to God and our Lord Jesus Christ for ever blessing the United States and the world at large.

 I believe this is already onboard and I'm grateful to God for granting the Americans the privilege to observe this special day with every other days. 


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