You Are A Solution, Not A Problem

Solving problems, not causing problems

  Each time something unpleasant occurs, don't talk down yourself; walk into it and work it out.

 Remember, You are a solution, not a problem. Therefore, don't cause problems but cure them.

 It's important to take not of the above, because a lot of things are happening on a daily basis.

 People find themselves in quite unfortunate and unfavourable situations. You know how discouraging it can be.

 Actually, that's how we can tell that the world can be very unfair. But, we can we do it such situations?

Take Note Of This!

 Problems don't come from nowhere to nowhere. Problems come from somewhere to somewhere.

 If you are somewhere, problems are liable to come.

Question: When problems come, what do you do?

Answer: Know that you are a solution, the offer it.

 Where knowledge is lacking, the provisions required for solving problems will not be utilized even when available.

 You are an embodiment of problem-solving equipments. That's to say that you are equiped from inside out with what it takes to withstand the storms of life.

 Now, what is missing is knowledge. Therefore, step out of the shoes of ignorance, take of the cap of ignorance, so you can easily take off the garment of ignorance.

 Get knowledge, and you will know how beautiful and resourceful you truly are.

 Come rain, come sun, regardless of the situation, I am Joseph Edem Bassey, your friend and brother in Christ.

Joseph Edem Bassey

I am Joseph Edem Bassey, the founder of Empowered NG, an empowerment and information platform. I believe that knowledge is power, and knowing is powerful. I blog and create content around self-improvement, career success, inclusiveness, and faith-based topics. I specialize in self-help and growth, and have written e-books covering related topics, especially My Sober Reflection: One Day At A Time. When I'm not working online, I'm working offline. But don't think of me as a workaholic. external-link

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