How To Live A Successful Life

If you must be successful, go for it the right way.

 Are you searching for how to live a successful life?

 Do you know you can actually live a successful life even where you are?

 Sometimes life can look so complicated to the extent where people begin to lose hope of a successful life.

 At the same time, we shouldn't forget that living a successful life is hundred percent possible when life is still alive. That life which is still alive is you!

 HOW TO LIVE A SUCCESSFUL LIFE is a valuable incredient for every living soul to get a simple guide towards living a successful life.

 The steps discussed here by JOSEH EDEM BASSEY is intended to assist anyone from any aspect of life, to see every possibilities of A Successful Life from a simple point.

 Don't think otherwise, it's me, Joseph Edem Bassey who is writing to you (with smiles) by God's grace.

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Living A Successful Life - How To Live A Successful Life

 I may not know what success means to you. But just take it as the simple lifestyle of the simple people.

What Does Success Mean?

 To be able to give the best meaning of success, we should know that success is first of all a matter of the mind, and not the matter of money.

 If failure is the antonym of success, do you think it is best prepared to refer success to a particular item or material?

• In one of my publications, Solution From Stagnation, I defined success as "Every progressive steps taken in life."

 When you have a plan and fail to plant, success in this case is totally absent. But when you plant the plan that you have, watch and water it to grow, you will definitely find success working with you.

Therefore, success is not money but motion. And successful people are not just those who make money, they are those who make a move!

 You don't become successful because you make money, you become successful when you make a move. This is because success is a matter of the mind.

NOTE: It can only take a positive mindset to make a successful move to live a successful life.

What Does It Mean To Live A Successful Life?

 As we all know, no one desires the rest but the best.

 Living a successful life means getting the best of life for yourself. If you are unable to do so, you either end up with the rest.

NOTE: the best of life for one is not the same for another, and that's why you can live a successful life even where you are.

How To Live A Successful Life?

 If you must live a successful life, you should do the three things listed below.

1. Get The Right Knowledge

It is the right knowledge that makes successful lives.

 Knowledge is the key that guarantees access to closed doors. 

 As we all know, not every key can open every door. Therefore, every door has its own key.

 The same way, living a successful life is attached to a particular knowledge; that is the right knowledge.

 The right knowledge is not the same as other knowledges. It is a particular knowledge that is peculiar to a specific purpose.

 In the case of living a successful life, the right knowledge is prominent.

 Many people having seen the need of others, have made different publications on How To Live A Successful Life.

 Are all these informations shared from different points of views and experiences, useful? Yes they are.

 Are there all valid? That's where a nay comes in. Some are, while some aren't.

 The secret here is the source of the knowledge that is being shared.

The Secret On How To Live A Successful Life Is Situated In The Source Of The Right Knowledge.

 Every knowledge is valuable to someone, but the RIGHT KNOWLEDGE is a value to everyone, though not everyone accepts it.

 There is a knowledge which is right to one and wrong to another, but the right knowledge is for all.

 If you must live a successful life, you must get the right knowledge.

2. Understand The Right Strategy

Planning is an important aspect of success.

 Life is about steps and stages. Ecclesiastes 3 talks about times and seasons.

 In this case, we can link then with the time when you take a step and the season when you get to a stage.

 No one ever arrived at the top without taking a step, and no one ever will.

 The Almighty God our Father, made things in existence one after the other. This show us the process of progress, and progress is success.

 Before anyone can mount a successful structure, he or she must understand the plan.

 There is a right strategy to live a successful life. The right strategy is in the right knowledge.

 After knowing the right knowledge that aids living a successful life, you are expected to understand it. Honestly, this is where many people fail.

 For instance, many people think living a successful life is all about making money. Is it really accurate?

 When you understand that having a sustainable income is a product of success, you won't be frustrated when you are lacking in funds.

 So what will you do next?

3. Engage The Right Knowledge

Successful living is step by step.

 Brother James did said that faith without work is death.

 If you have the right knowledge which you believe and understand will definitely aid a successful life, the next thing to do is engage the right knowledge.

 It is in acting on the right knowledge and with understanding that you begin to live a successful life.

What You Need To Live A Successful Life:

 You need the right knowledge, the right understanding and the right action to achieve or live a successful life. 


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