Start Something With A Step

Little drops of what makes an ocean

 Life is too short for shore living, it’s about time we launch out into the deep. Begin with a step, remembering that the journey of many miles begins with just a step.

 Also, it takes continuous droppings of water to make a stream, river and then an ocean. 

Start Something With A Step

 Be Positive!✨👌💐

Joseph Edem Bassey

I am Joseph Edem Bassey, the founder of Blogging Uncle, a multipurpose blogging platform. I blog and create content on different subjects from different niches, including business, technology, blogging, and faith-based topics.  I prefer using the "We" than the "I" while creating content. It puts me on the discourse.  When I'm not working online, I'm working offline. Learn more here external-link

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