Who Is A Christian?: What Makes You A Christian


This is what makes you a Christian.

 To understand what makes you a Christian, you should know who a Christian is.

 Who Is A Christian and What Makes You A Christian, are two important questions to ask, get answers and equally understand them.

Who Is A Christian?

 The word "Christians" was first mentioned and thrice in the new testament. That brings a lot of questions to mind.

 A major one would be in consideration to the old testament. What do you think that would be?

 Whatever you think should be brought under the knowledge of the revealed Christ, who is seen plainly in the four Gospels, Epistles and in other letters of the new testament records.

 Now, according The Acts Of The Apostles, chapter eleven and verse twenty six, brother Barnabas went to Tarsus in search of brother Paul.

 Having found him, they returned to Antioch were they spent the whole year teaching the people.

 According to the biblical record, it was there, that those who believed (most translation says the disciples) were first called or addressed as Christians.

 This word "Christian" is significant to a personality and His Imitator (in singular). In other words, one who is like the personality is addressed in like term.The personality in this study refers to the Christ.

 The people were called christians because they actually behaved like Christ.

 Furthermore, there were displays of Christ's attributes which possibly, prompted the pronouncement of the word.

 Taking Christ out of it, would render such a person of no value, attribute or similitude of Christ. The expression on the three lettered acronyms "I.A.N" will attest to it.

Therefore, Who Is A Christian?

 A Christian is not a church goer, a singer, an usher, a politician, preacher, a business person or any other lated words you can mention outside Christ.

 Remember, Christianity has everything to do with the person of Christ and Christ alone.

 A church goer, a singer, an usher, a politician, preacher in like manner can only become a Christian when Christ is involved.

 Therefore, a Christian is one who has Christ in him and he (or she) in Christ. This is a faithful and trustworthy saying.

 You can be in church or wherever you want to be, and who ever you want to be. But you can't be a Christian without Christ!

 For you to become a Christian, you need to have and live the life of Christ. The light from that Life is what reveals a true Christian (the born again child of God.)

What Makes You A Christian

 Christ for you, with you and in you is what makes you a Christian. It is now by believing that you become. When you become, you have become.

  It is only left for the world to see whom you have become, and they certainly will. Don't try to make them see, only let them.


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